​Youth Summer Camps

Summer Enrichment Youth “living History “Educational Camps
Elementary School $500 each camp (up to 15 students) AG/SQ 2 days (3 hrs/ day w snack break)

Who Am I? Participants will explore many different biographies to learn about our shared history. Through gaming, role plays, and fun-filled engaging activities, participants will enhance their appreciation for our ancestors and the valued contributions to the world today. It’s a lot of fun to dress up and play with period props too!!

Middle School $1000 each camp (up to 20 students) AG/SQ 3 days (3 hrs / day w snack break)

Make a Difference: Take a Stand Have you ever felt strongly about something and thought you could convince others to take a stand against something that’s not right, like animal cruelty or homelessness. This camp is about getting involved to Make a Difference, even registering your project online with the national Make a Difference Day movement. Volunteering is cool!

Girls ROCK Columbus Leadership Academy

 Girls ROCK Columbus Leadership Academy is an empowerment and leadership program for high school and college young women in central Ohio. The Academy focuses on creating an interactive learning environment. It is structured to provide secondary and post-secondary students and women in our community an opportunity to learn and engage in activity and dialogue about Life Skills, Career & Educational Readiness, Community Service, the Arts, Conflict Resolution, Family and Relationship Building, Women Entrepreneurship, and Financial Savvy. The Academy seeks to provide equitable opportunity for all participants to attain the academic, business, and social skills necessary to become an influential leader. 

Our mission is to build a community of talented girls and women, who aspire to reach their potential by exposing them to avenues that support their creative, academic, and professional passions. Through multi-generational mentoring and experiential learning, the Academy promotes total leadership development, artistic expression, community engagement, and lifelong learning.

History Alive Just for Kids!
Prices are negotiable for non-profit organizations.
Commemorating the African American experience in American History
Sandra Quick, Founder / Principal.  MAEd, MAPC